Be the “Go-To” School

Attract top scholar-athletes to your faith-based private middle school

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Stand Out

Students and their families expect a premiere custom experience when they invest in a private school.

Budget constraints, lagging enrollment, and the complexities of setting up specialized programs can make that a real challenge and put tremendous pressure on you to make it all work…somehow.

A Thrive Student Base

When scholar-athletes train for their preferred sport during the school day, there is time in the evenings for reconnecting with family and their studies.

Finally have the school pride, visibility, and enrollment numbers that come with having a thriving student base filled with motivated athletes taking it to the next level in school and sport.

After eight years with Heritage Christian School, Core Prep Academy has become more than a partner, they have expanded our ministry. Together, we have united the discipline of a Christ-centered education with the rigor and development of a Biblically-inspired athletics program.

Jeremy Hoff
Head of School
Heritage Christian School


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Partner Schools


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How To Be A Partner School



We meet with you to determine if our program is a fit for your school.



We present the program to your board together with you.



We onboard your school and co-market the program to drive enrollment.


High Quality Students

Your school gets the high quality students and accolades it deserves.

Why Core?

Middle schools that offer our program see immediate increases in revenue, enrollment, and student diversity benefiting all students at the school and the surrounding community.

As a full accredited organization, we’ve taken hundreds of students through the program since 2015. We only hire top coaches that are certified and accomplished in their sport. And, our students consistently maintain an average GPA of 3.7.